UK Handmade, equal rights and opportunities, above living wage pay, ethically and responsibly designed products, biodegradable a recyclable packing and solvent free printing are all paramount to our production. Be part of the revolution and shop small.

Beksie's Boutique was born essentially from a back injury, I am going to talk as me for a bit. I am Rebekah AKA Beksie and I have a weak back, I was making it worse by wearing those record bags and tote bags that cross your body. One day I made a bumbag so i could keep my essential possessions central on my body and below my mid-back injury. It was brilliant, i didn't have to twist, I knew where my keys were, i loved it and it was cool, i made it from waterproof fabrics, but colourful onse (you COULD NOT buy a cool bumbag when I made my first bag)

The second awesome thing that happened, My friend Paul had a Barbour jacket he absolutely loved it, it was falling apart, we decided to make a bumbag from it, he loved it, I used the zip, the poppers and pockets of the coat a re-designed it, completely up-cycled and brilliant, that started it really, i went through sacks of low grade vintage Barbours, but the need for funky bags was bigger then that, it grew really fast. My third year of making, bumbags become 'COOL' and I was the leader in making them, it was great :) Custom orders started to come in globally and soon I had a brand making bumbags, who would have thought it? But now we are a very small business in a sea of cheap re-makes, but our customers are loyal and they know we make to last and we make the best versions we can, if you have a problem we will try and fix it, just message us. We love the size we are as a company and don't need to expand beyond an effective consciousness.

I look forward to making even greater practical magic in the future and our environmental drive is just getting bigger, I am getting educated and I want to make a difference, keep an eye on our blog for our journey and THANK YOU for your support, we LOve you, you are ALL the best. Now lets have a dance without worrying about where are keys are, both arms in the air, running onto the dancefloor :)

environmental policy

 PHOTOCREDIT: Rebekah Shirley SGP 2017... ewwwwwww


Environmental Policy:

  • Transportation: Were possible all members of Beksie’s Boutique should strive to use public transport to and from work or to use a shared formed of transportation, walking or cycling is our preferred :)


  • Lift shares to and from events are a must


  • Stationery and supplies: All paper and card used within the company is recycled. All of your packaging is biodegradable. Please see our blog for more information and links.


  • Leather policy: Our leather products are made from scraps of re-claimed leather bound for landfill. Eco leather, we have sourced leather, which has been re-processed from leather scraps, and polyester, also destined for landfill this fabric has been given a new life, it is 52% hide 48% polyester. New leathers are bought from REACH compliant companies. We have bought new leathers in because of customer request and demands. 2018 brings new challenges set by Beksie for her environmental policy, we want all new products to be Vegan, we are investigating our supply chain transparency and using more organic and recycled materials.


  • Improved efficiency: We hope to be working on solar energy for our market stalls, we use solar energy currently for charging of phones and small appliances and some lighting. We use rechargeable batteries were possible. All of our light bulbs are LED all of our bulbs collectively use the same amount of energy as one of our old regular bulbs, old bulbs should be illegal!


  • Improve recycling/ minimize waste: We recycle everything possible in our workshop, coffee cups, plastic containers, cutlery and lids or any un-recyclables for lunch or consumables are banned in our workshop. We recycle everything we can on site.


  • Dealing with other like-minded companies: We have been able to work with cotton suppliers that use organic, recycled or up cycled modes of production of fabrics. We buy our supplies from reputable traders in the UK, our products are built to last, we do not believe in disposable pointless fashion. Our products are practical, useful and beautiful. Our products that hold no practical element are made from scraps and up cycled into headdresses or other smaller accessories. We are now starting to make clothing, but we are working hard to find organic or recycled materials, we are researching ways that a tiny company like ours can possibly make a difference in todays consumer driven world, without completely going bust ourselves.


  • Continuous improvement

Invested by all employees and suppliers: We make everything in house to an extremely high standard, I believe in fair trade and equal pay for all. I make almost everything myself and if I haven’t made it personally, it is still quality controlled through our workshop we pay above the standard living wage and enjoy treating our staff when we can. Our staff become friends, not employees and our working conditions reflect that.


More about our Leather...

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