Wall Hangings 'FRIDA on Vanilla' Original illustration - beksiesboutique
Wall Hangings 'FRIDA on Vanilla' Original illustration - beksiesboutique

Wall Hangings 'FRIDA on Vanilla' Original illustration

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Something to hang with pride in your home, a modern take on the tradition tapestry wall hanging.

We have collaborated with exceptional home-wears company 'LITTLE DEER' (also based in east Sussex, UK) To provide you with a complete package.

Each Pole is hand-made from solid oak they are sanded and sealed with a light wax. (it smells lovely) They are 60 inches long to hold the tapestry, this gives a couple of inches either side for hanging baskets or anything you may like to hang, also looks great just with the fabric hanging. Two brass wall brackets go through the pole to fix to the wall, the wall screws are not provided as it depends what wall you are fixing into. The poles are split into two to make postage cheaper for everybody, there is a copper connector in the middle to hold the poles together. All you have to do is slot them together to connect them.

You May order the fabric on it's own as a huge scarf or together with the pole (i would then sew a channel in the scarf for hanging, please note if you buy the scarf without the pole it will not have the channel)

This is a Vegan Polyester Chiffon, if you would like silk please message me to request a sample, thank you.

Tapestry measure 54" square

Frida has been a very important female figure throughout my art education, she was one of my first heroines, learning about here in school and feeling great empathy and power when finding more about her life and journey, the hardships she endured and her passion to go on. After injuring my back when I was 17 this imaginary bond I had with her only grew stronger, now when I am in pain or think that I can not do something, I think 'What would Frida do' she gives me the mind over matter can do attitude and inspires me everyday to achieve. This drawing is a homage to her, her beauty and her power and took me over a year to perfect.