Heart Mirror "RED" was £35 now £25

Heart Mirror "RED" was £35 now £25

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Enamel Painted Large Mirrors, these are reduced because they were scratch transporting them all together, it breaks my heart, I have photographed the worst damaged and I am keeping those ones anyway

hand made in Oaxaca, When I visited this beautiful city of craft, art and culture, I made friends with a shop owner, on my return made an order for these beautiful tin and glass mirrors.

For me they represent an exciting time full of beautiful sites and smells and flavours, vibrant colours and of cities unknown. But also hold a space for peaceful reflection and love. The sacred heart can be seen all over Mexico in graffiti, crafts, art, textiles, on walls, streets, floors, ceilings, in houses, churches museums, cafes, bedrooms, courtyards, all over and I loved every single one i saw and never got tired of seeing them, I wanted to cover an entire room in them!! Alas, i must let these fly off into new homes to bring a smile to many more lips then my own.

A perfect gift to show someone you care and you are thinking of them, that you hold them dearly in your heart and hands, a Valentine, a Birthday, Mothers Day or just any old day to lift someone's spirits (I think all of my friends have one now :))

Mirror measures 5" Tall X 5" Wide 

Total with metal 14" Tall X 10" Wide

Metal hook on back to hang